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, what's your take on the markets right now and this storm? how does it impact the economy and the markets from here? >> i think it's modestly constructive. i think we're still in the middle of the square root shaped economic recovery we've been in for over three years now. a grinding upward trend within the data. i think you saw some of the positive news. i think the chinese numbers were a little stronger than many had figured. so the global economy may not be decelerating as quickly as many had feared, but certainly earnings are going to trump a lot of investors coming into the season. i think coming into the fourth quarter, earnings are going to be critical but revenue is going to be extremely critical in an economic environment that's grindsi grinding upward. >> kevin, what about you? i know you're growing increasingly pessimistic about the impact of the fiscal cliff. what else is becoming a drag in terms of uncertainty on in economy and the market? >> i think right now markets are too complacent about the fiscal cliff. a lot of people assume things are going to get wor
you here about where we are in this market and in this cycle for the economy? >> well, it tell us that the housing sector is improving and the residential side. commercial permit activity, which we see, has gone up, it's kind of plateauing. it tells us we're dealing with a lot of uncertainty out there. there's a tremendous amount of pent-up capacity in corporate america if we can just get the right fiscal policies in place. this economy could do well. >> do you think things loosen up after the election when we know who the president will be? >> i think it depends. then we're going to have more clarity on the policies. what we want in place are constructive growth oriented fiscal policies. >> and we don't know we'll get those. rick santelli, jump in here. we had a market under pressure for sure today. you hear what chip is saying in terms of those policies. what would snap investors out of this? >> i think what would snap investors out, of course, to start to see some, a, larger and more job creation. also getting things like tax policy out of the way. i will tell you, the discussi
? >> well i think the economy is slowing. that's clear and you know, when you're doing 1% or 2% gdp growth, it's tough to find 10% earnings growth by cutting expenses but ultimately i think the market's priced for that. we're not trading a market that's 20 times earnings, we're in a market that's 12 times earnings. i think expectations are low. if there was a surprise in october for us and it's something we've been hoping for, if you're at riverfront, you're going to see outperformance overseas so for four years the u.s. has kicked the rest of the world's butt, in other words the best place to be to put your money has been the s&p 500. we think that's a trend that's getting long in the tooth and we're starting to see finally international, areas of the world outside of the u.s. outperforming and i think that's a trend that could continue and you look at u.s. earnings getting tired, i think we're probably in the very early innings of international earnings starting to perk up. >> that is an important point. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> maria -- >> sorry, one final comment? >> i would
was just scheduling delays, will have a tremendous impact on the economy. just trying to clean up from whatever debris is left over. but people have been working in very -- strongly and cooperative since friday in order to protect against this. we're hoping the damage, if any, is very minimal. >> very quickly, the emergency workers at the scene say that they have no plans right now to go up and remove the crane, although they are going as high as they can to inspect the crane. is that the right call as far as where we are right now with the storm about to hit landfall in the next couple of hours? >> oh, absolutely. i think any efrlgforts to dismae the crane at this point would provide more of a daveng. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks, maria. >> we appreciate that, louis coletti at building trades association. our coverage of hurricane sandy continues after this break as she whips across the eastern seaboard. bob pisani will be up. with the fidelity stock screener, you can try strategies from independent experts and see what criteria they use. such as a 5% yield on dividen
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5